Boy, Bye

I am not attractive enough to have to worry about guys regularly approaching me. They don’t. I don’t have this problem at all. The guys who do show interest are clearly “aiming low,” assuming I’ll be so hard-pressed for male attention that I’ll take whatever I can get. I haven’t devalued myself to the point where any random who compliments me will get me into bed. Despite my overall lack of allure, I still have standards. I’d rather be single indefinitely than fuck with guys who don’t interest me. My desire for companionship, or sex, or whatever guys can offer are outweighed by my self-respect. I’m not too good for, or against, casual relationships and meaningless hookups. But I’m definitely too good for, and against, bullshit guys.

Just because you feel you’ve lowered the bar with me does not mean I will lower my bar for you. That’s not how this works. You’re not a hero or a saint for paying attention to a woman who is not the ideal. You are probably not the ideal.  I may not be the woman with the cutest face, best body, the best hair, or the best wardrobe, but I am a woman who wants what she wants and does not want to settle for less than that. I am not easy prey just because, I don’t have as many options as smaller, prettier women. If you are the only option and you’re a piece of shit, there is no option.