I find it strange when newscasters immediately jump from a negative story to a positive one, unaffected. Because, it makes me so uncomfortable, I’ve avoided that kind of uneasy transition from one blog post to the next. But, it has inhibited me from being as expressive as I’d like to be. It has been difficult for me to find a balance between lighthearted and heavy topics to write about. I haven’t published much because, the things I address are often too disparate. It feels inapt. In the past I’ve created separate spaces dedicated to specific things, but that doesn’t work for me.

I have so many posts in my drafts, unpublished and forgotten because, it was never the right time. I want the freedom to talk about frivolous things, like what I’m watching, reading, or playing. And I want that not to hinder my ability to discuss important things, like current events and social issues. My hope is that I can be both silly and serious and not have either bleed over and taint the other. I am going to attempt to write and publish more regularly. So I have to find a way to get over my weird discomfort with topical transitions and changes in tone.

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