Take A Fucking Nap, Babes.

Y'all too woke.

Do y’all ever get tired of policing everything people fucking say and do? Can’t people just feel how they feel? Must every opinion lead to political discourse? Fuck! I’m exhausted. Every time anybody says any goddamn thing, there are seventeen fucking dissertations on why it is Problematic™. We are all fucking problematic. We all form our own opinions based on our lived experiences and we behave according to our individual understanding of the world. We ain’t all educated, enlightened, or “woke.” Shit, learning is an ongoing process and we ain’t all at the same stage.

They’re “cancelled” cause they said something you disagree with. They’re not allowed to not know better. They don’t deserve any more of your attention or your respect because, they don’t have the same understanding as you do. Their individual interpretation of the situation is invalid because, you think it’s wrong. There are levels of wrongness. There are gray areas. There is space where differing opinions can both be valid and right, in their own contexts.

But y’all don’t really care, do you? You want to be the Most Right; the Most Woke. You conveniently forget how dumb your ass was a few years ago, before Social (Justice) Media threw facts into your face in easily digestible bits. You get a third of your news from mic.com gifsets on Tumblr. You learnt about Intersectionality from a thread on Twitter. You self-educate online; and know what books to read because, someone posted them on Facebook. You consciously choose to consume information that broadens your understanding of the world. But, not everybody has made that choice.

Everybody hasn’t listened to, read, or watched the same things. Everybody hasn’t had the same education. And you know a lot of shit isn’t learned that isn’t deliberately sought for. Yet you expect us to be at the same level in our journeys. You expect even more of people with fans or followings, like they ain’t just motherfuckers out here trying to live, like you. Our experiences, our knowledge, and our interpretations will differ. There will always be someone who knows more and someone who knows less. There will always be multiple viewpoints. But there will rarely be only one “right” way.

If you stay looking for people to be wrong about shit, you will always find people that are wrong about shit. Because, we are all problematic and we all fuck up.

Your $0.02

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