My Dumbass

This is a post about me being a whole dumbass on these internets. You may proceed with ignoring this.

I’m just going to expand on this here because, that’s what a blog is for and idk why I default to Twitter anyway.

I have a problem where I know my thoughts aren’t unique but I feel compelled to share them anyway.

Better yet…

I see something interesting and want to make a conversation around it, but nobody is ever interested.


I think I’m smart and funny and usually have something valuable to contribute but I feel like I’m stupid for thinking that because, if it were true people would engage with me.


I have no reach and I’m always disappointed when someone who does says something I already said, or makes a point I already made, and people engage with them. Because, then it’s not that I say things people don’t care about, it’s that I’m not someone people care about, so they don’t care to engage.

Then I feel stupider for thinking there is any reason whatsoever for people to care about what I have to say. It’s like a loop: I post something, nobody sees it or they ignore it, I delete it or retweet/reblog it with added commentary as if someone had replied, I feel stupid, rinse, repeat.

The upside to this garbage post is no one will read it.

Your $0.02

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