Cloverfield Paradox

The real paradox is how this movie can be so close to and so far from 'Cloverfield.'

This was by far the most straightforward ‘Cloverfield’ film. That can be bad or good, depending upon your relationship with the other films in the series. You can’t be faulted for disliking this if the major draw for you was the suspense of not knowing wtf was going on. This film gives a lot away right off the bat and doesn’t really ask any questions that aren’t inmediately answered.

And the title says a lot. The title gives away the entire premise. Add to that an early scene in the film where someone is explaining what the paradox would mean and there is literally no question what the film will be about and what it will mean for the larger Cloverfield universe.

At least for me.

As a watcher of many multi-dimension/time travel stories, there were no surprises in ‘Paradox’ for me. Not one. That doesn’t necessarily ruin my enjoyment of it because, I’m used to having a strong idea where a story will go and eventually being right. So, I don’t mind knowing what happens next if I enjoy the ride, and enjoy the ride I did.

I will say tho, a lot of that hinges on the fact that I love to watch Gugu. She’s a fantastic actress who always pulls me into the world of whichever character she’s embodying. I always connect with her when she’s on screen and watching her in this was no different. I can confidently say she is a large part of what I like about the film.

But though I enjoyed it, I can every easily see how other fans of the original — especially — would not. It takes away a lot of the mystery and randomness of everything that came before it. This film makes for a very digestible background on how the world we’re introduced to in ‘Cloverfield’ came to be. And it does so in a way that isn’t really suspenseful or exciting, but is just kind of matter of fact.

The only mysterious thing about ‘Paradox’ was it’s seemingly random release. Ten minutes in and it hits all the marks a film like this should. It’s by the book. Cloverfield films are great because, they seem like one thing but are something different. ‘Paradox’ was exactly as it seemed and that’s where it failed. Even though its story is intrinsically linked to the rest of the films, it feels disconnected from them. So while it fits into the series as a story, it doesn’t feel apart of the series as a film.


I may update this after I watch it again because, my focus is garbage and I admittedly didn’t give it my full attention.

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