Siempre Bruja

Siempre Bruja

I really don’t know what the fuck Netflix was thinking creating this show. This is a story we absolutely did not need and the timing of it’s release is questionable at best, offensive at worst.

On this, the second day of Black History Month, they release a show about a (dark-skinned) Afro-Latina witch who travels to the future from a time where she was a slave who was burned at the stake who is TRYING TO GO BACK to SAVE her SLAVE-MASTER who is also her lover. Bitch, you got me fucked up!

Sis arrives in the future (present-day) and manages to navigate the city, acquire clothing as needed, use tech, make friends, attend classes, and basically thrive with almost no hiccups and no time to adapt. I’m a quick learner and take to new technology quite easily, but I’m not from the fucking 1640s. The time travel I’m fine with but that she’d be immediately competent and self-sufficient strains credulity.

Not only is the premise absolutely ugly and disrespectful โ€” even skipping over the obvious issues with a slave/master love story โ€” It’s not even well-told. (Now to be fair, I only watched the first two and last episode of the season.)

I can’t decide what the worse thing about it is, but I’m leaning toward the deceptive marketing. Had this been marketed as what it is, I’d have ignored it and been perfectly fine. But the trailer played to my love for magic, Black women, and time travel. It was light on the slave-master romance thing… I missed that part.

I’m sure someone will like it. It might go over well in South America. But my Black (American) ass does not want to see a Black woman lift a fucking pinky toe to travel to a past where she lives in servitude ESPECIALLY to save her ugly ass basic-bitch of a man who’s family owned her.


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