An(other) Introduction

Greetings and welcome to my blog. I am Nicole, a genuine mess. This is my “public journal.” It’s been here for a while, but the old shit is gone and I’m starting over.

It’s got a new Look + Vibe. Gone are the days where posts languished in drafts while ya girl obsessed over timing or tone or mood or… whatever. That tentative shit is over. We’re leaving over-editing and overthinking in the past. We are not dithering, we post or we purge. And being emo is canceled. We’re keeping that depression shit in 2017 — actually, we’re just keeping those posts private.

What you can expect going forward is a (hopefully) constant stream of commentary, critique, and musings.

My interests vary and so do my moods. This blog will reflect that. There is no “theme” or “focus” here, only what I want to talk about at any given time. I pay for my own hosting and domain, thus I am solely responsible for all for all content on this site. My words are my own. I represent myself. Please be aware of this fact if you run across something here that you feel a way about. Understand that everything I say is coming from a personal place and is not meant to be universal. Everything will not be for you, but if you enjoy or relate to my content, my comments are open and I invite you to engage.

If you like something I write, tell me! If you dislike something, keep it to yourself. Being nice + minding your business costs nothing. ๐Ÿ™‚

Whether you’ve rocked with me for some time or run across me randomly, I thank you for reading and hope you enjoy!

++If you’ve followed me on Tumblr or on an earlier iteration of this blog, you may come across content you’ve seen before. Just let it be what it is, I don’t waste past work.


A black woman [she/her]. A lover of the internet. A listener. A reader. A viewer. A writer. An observer. An anomaly.

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