I put so much energy into creating this blog only to immediately neglect it. I slip into phases of intense focus on one thing then I burn myself out and inevitably move on. In this case I think my computer crashed and I let that be my excuse to do nothing here, despite being perfectly capable of doing everything from my phone. I find it easy to derail myself with minor inconveniences.

I want to establish some consistency. The only habit I’ve maintained is abandoning habits. I’d like to follow through on more than just setting things up and leaving them to languish. I’d like to commit to publishing here on a regular basis. I’d like to keep to a schedule and be relied upon to produce fresh content with some frequency. I’d like to do all that but I’m not sure I will.

I just hope typing this out and posting it will put it into the universe and manifest it.


A black woman [she/her]. A lover of the internet. A listener. A reader. A viewer. A writer. An observer. An anomaly.

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