Perfect Match

He couldn’t believe his eyes. She’d really done it. He wanted her to, but didn’t dare hope for fear of disappointment. But there she was standing before him, at his level, perfectly suited to him. He was almost scared to touch her, afraid she was just a mirage, something he’d conjured up to get through yet another lonely night.

As if she could sense his hesitation, she stepped closer to him, allowing him to smell the subtle hint of coconut on her skin, and to feel the heat radiating off her. He sighed in relief. She was real, she was there, and she was watching him with hungry eyes that showed no sign of fear of reluctance.

He was still unsure. But she approached him with a boldness that interrupted his doubting thoughts. Before he could second guess himself, or psych himself out, she put her lips on his. She kissed him timidly at first, but the more he allowed himself to give into her, the more passionately her lips pressed into his.

Slow and deliberate, she moved her hand from the side of his face, down to his neck, then gently over his shoulder and bicep, until her hand landed on his. She guided his hand to her behind, and once she was satisfied with his grip, she continued to trace delicate lines on his body with her fingertips. Everywhere she touched him tingled, it was as if she had awakened new nerves.  He wasn’t even sure he was still in his own skin.

Her hand worked its way across his chest, then further down to his navel. Now more slowly and even more deliberate, she gently caressed him, tracing a line down. When her fingers met the soft texture of cotton, she paused, looked him in his eye, and smiled as she readied her hand to discover further.

(A little spicy beyond this point… Rated M I guess.)