Just another blog nobody asked for
Just another blog nobody asked for


If you are looking to do something nice for me, you can buy me something off my wishlist or send me a gift card or straight cash. Anything helps and everything is appreciated.


Gift Cards

Note: I like food and drink. I like most box stores/online retailers. I am a fan of gift cards and will accept them and appreciate them!


Give me a one time or recurring Amazon Allowance!

Amazon allowance
Here’s an example of how you would set up an Amazon allowance.

Here’s some other useful information.

Things I generally like — used and new:

  • Art!
  • Books
  • DIY Creations!
  • Movies [Preferably Blu-rays]
  • Music
  • Pop! Vinyl Figures
  • Video Games


  • Disney
  • Doctor Who / Torchwood
  • Harry Potter
  • Marvel / MCU
  • Star Wars

…and plenty more.