I am Nicole. 30 A Los Angeleno, born and raised. I’m a lover of coffee, carbonated beverages, and chili-covered everything. Gummy bears are my crack. I spend an unholy amount of time looking at screens. I watch a lot of movies and a lot of TV. I binge-watch at a very unhealthy pace. I’m also always on my phone, mostly just staying current and keeping myself occupied. I write a lot, but publish very little. I play games, adequately. I read — less books than I would like, but — a lot of articles and blogs. I dabble in HTML and CSS and occasionally build/tweak websites and WordPress themes.

I am a chronically-depressed INFJ who uses entertainment and escapism as a form of self-medication.

This blog is just my feelings and opinions on everything ranging from current events and politics to what I am reading / playing / watching. I have dabbled in media critique, but I am not smart or discerning enough to add anything new to the conversation. That said, I have feels about things I engage with, and I will talk about those things. I will also on occasion be Very Emo, so this is fair warning.