I am Nicole. An 80’s baby/90’s kid. A Los Angeleno, born and raised. I’m a lover of coffee, carbonated beverages, and chili-covered everything. Gummy bears are my crack. I spend an unholy amount of time looking at screens. I watch a lot of movies and a lot of television. I binge-watch at a very unhealthy pace. I’m also always on my phone, mostly just staying current and keeping myself occupied. I write a lot but publish very little. I play games, adequately. I read — fewer books than I would like, but — a lot of articles and blogs. I dabble in HTML and CSS and occasionally build/tweak websites and WordPress themes. I want to do more of all of these things. I’d love to get paid to do either of them.

I am a chronically-depressed ENFP who uses entertainment and escapism as a form of self-medication.

This blog is just my feelings and opinions on everything ranging from current events and politics to what I am reading/ playing/ watching. I have dabbled in media critique, but I am not smart or discerning enough to add anything new to the conversation. That said, I have feels about things I engage with, and I will talk about those things. This is a personal blog, and as such, these are the unfiltered opinions of an individual. Any critiques or reviews on this site will be filtered through my own experiences and influenced by my own beliefs and biases. Do not expect objectivity. However, expect candor and hopefully some humor. I will also on occasion be Very Emo, so this is fair warning.