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Cane Cohort The basics.

  • Discord Access
  • DTWID Digest
  • DTWID Pod Early Access
  • Influence Content


  • Black TARDIS Early Access
  • Black TARDIS Exclusives + BTS
  • Discord Access
  • Influence content

FRUCTOSE FRIEND A little this. A little that.

  • Everything in Cane Cohort
  • Everything in Cane Companion
  • Exclusives + BTS
  • Personalized Content
  • Shoutouts

GLUCOSE GUARDIAN Extra most bestest.

  • Everything in Cane Cohort
  • Everything in Cane Companion
  • Everything in Fructose Friend
  • Costar/Feature

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Level Price  
Loving Lurker Free. Select
Cane Cohort $5.00 per Month. Select
Cane Companion $5.00 per Month. Select
Fructose Friend $10.00 per Month. Select
Glucose Guardian $20.00 per Month. Select
AMBIVIRGIN $3.00 per Month. Select